The 60th Wedding Anniversary Celebration
Myrtle and Emmett Conway

Married August 30, 1940

Myrtle and Emmett Conway celebrated 60 years of marriage with 115 family and friends on September 9, 2000. The celebration was held at the Chillicothe Country Club, which neighbors Traditions of Chillicothe, the assisted-living residence where they currently live.

Son Emmett Conway Jr. greeted the gathering and introduced all the attendees explaining the relationship of the guests to Myrt and Emmett. All their children, grandchildren, great-grandchild and spouses were there, plus numerous family relatives from as far as California. Many friends came from McArthur, Ohio, where Myrt and Emmett lived for 50 years. Also present were many friends and colleagues gained through their professional careers and interest in historic preservation.

Below are some highlights of the joyous occasion:

Son Emmett Jr. greeting and introducing family and friends. Conways singing grace - a family tradition.

Son Richard and wife Mary serenading Myrt and Emmett with "I love you truly." Daughter Carol presenting tee shirts from Pikeville College, where they went to be married by a friend. 
Emmett singing "Sunrise, Sunset" with his children Daughter Bobbie explaining that the cake top was from her wedding cake. It is 35 years old.
Daughter Sandy presenting album with anniversary greetings and reminiscings from family and friends. Daughter Jenny with husband Pat relating fond childhood memories.
Emmett's twin brother, Errett, telling childhood tales. Myrt and Emmett surrounded by  family which came from Coast to Coast..

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