The Olde Forester


Pic Olde Forester at young age

Emmett A. Conway, Sr.

February 17, 1914  —  February 20, 2009


Known as THE OLDE FORESTER, Emmett A. Conway, Sr. has spent a lifetime researching the history and natural resources of Southeastern Ohio. His web site is an attempt to share his extensive knowledge with the hope that future generations will know and appreciate the importance of the past. He welcomes you to share the results of his curiosity about archaeological, historical and scientific relics.

The Olde Forester passed away peacefully on February 20, 2009, three days after celebrating his 95th birthday. His family will continue to share his extensive knowledge by keeping his website published. Please note that his email will no longer work. Questions can be directed to his daughter, the webmaster.

ODNR inducts the Olde Forester in the Hall of Fame

Tribute to The Olde Forester
reprinted from The Ohio Woodland Journal, Spring 2009
by John Dorka, Ohio Forestry Association Executive Director

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